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14 October 2020

Global Innovation Index 2020 - Our thoughts


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the INSEAD and the University of Cornell released their “Global Innovation Index 2020”. This study helps identifying evolutions in terms of innovation, through time and space.


They pinpoint that Western countries are still the most innovative, the leaders being Switzerland, Sweden and the USA. However, Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, India and the Philippines are still strongly progressing, all of them appearing in the Top 50.


This study also shows that some economies “over or under perform” in terms of innovation when compared to their development level. For example, France and North European countries have results, which are better than the expected one, when South American countries are “lagging behind”.


In each of this countries, the innovation is concentrated in clusters like Tokyo (1st place), Shenzhen (2nd) and Seoul (3rd). Paris is still the first European cluster, appearing 10th before London, Amsterdam and Cologne.