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European IP Attorneys

Our philosophy

  • We work with transparency :

    • – Depending on the particulars of your query, we define with you the actions we think are required to be carried out to solve your problems or to meet your needs. We also advise you of the fees to be incurred. Apart from specific cases (negotiations, etc.), the amount of fees to be budgeted is defined from the start: most of the time flat fees are applied; if not, we provide a carefully-defined range of fees.
    • – We are experts in IP law; in the event some questions were beyond our skills, we would inform you and redirect you towards the right person and, when possible, recommend you members of our network of associates.
  • We are flexible :

    • – An imminent trade show requires to protect an invention, a design or a trademark on an urgent basis?
      Important negotiations with partners have been decided to take place in a few days and you wish to have your rights/inventions secured beforehand and/or you seek legal assistance during the negotiations?
      We will arrange to assist you: your emergencies are our priority.
  • We handle cases pragmatically :

    Above all, we are looking for pragmatic solutions, as the best solutions are usually economic common sense.

    • – For example, we do not see any point in advising you to launch a legal action if a settlement can put an end to a dispute with favourable conditions, rapidly and at lower costs.
    • – Projects with no legal risks are seldom: we help you to take your decision in consideration in particular of the legal risks incurred and of the specific economic circumstances we are aware of, which could lead us to qualify our assessment of the viability of your project. You can thereby make a decision in full knowledge of the theoretical and real risks of the case.
  • We are at your side :

    • – When your entrust us with a mission, we find it useful to be able to reach you and discuss with you of the matter, especially when our collaboration is at its beginning; in this case, we like to come and see you in situ to know you better, to better understand your environment, your issues. This allows us to be proactive.
    • – If we make it a point to maintain a high level of technical expertise, we always make sure to make clear explanations so that you can easily understand the solutions we propose and the stakes of the case.