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18 November 2021

Cabinet GUIU - JurisPatent becomes GUIU IP !


Over these past 45 years of accompanying our clients, our firm has gone through many changes: settling in Dijon, merging with a Parisian firm, opening branches in Reims, Lyon and Besançon…
Today, our firm is starting a new chapter and to symbolise this new era, we decided to shift our identity to realign it with the one of our founders.

By doing so, we reaffirm our values: this family spirit is indeed at the core of our DNA and of our strength; it describes our way of working; it demonstrates our collaborators’ commitment to always maintain at the highest level our firm’s reputation.

This family spirit is also showcased in the close ties we establish with our clients, to which we bring a long-term support. Our new visual identity, resolutely modern, unique and international, conveys our will to continuously adapt in order to keep our quality service requirements high, for the benefit of our clients.

It also reflects our ambition to always move forward, to offer new services to answer all our clients’ needs and to best prepare them for the current and future challenges in the field of intellectual property.


We change, yet we remain the same!